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Hey pet owner is Bryson from FurryFreshness and if you are struggling with pets stains that disappear, only to show up a few short days later, I have an explanation in a solution that I think is really going to help you. 

So I actually learned this from my uncle John who was in the chemistry field for 30 plus years and about 10 years ago, I had a puppy, who was a puppy and had accidents, and I tried everything I could only to get temporary or no results at all so I reached out to my uncle John, and this is what he taught me which actually surprised me.

He said that almost everything I was trying had one ingredient in common and that is not quite this soap, but detergents, so instead what happens is you spray that in your carpet, and you know it goes in there you say now it's working pretty good.

Sometimes you've got to scrub it in so you go in there and scrub it. The problem is these detergents leave sticky residue in your carpet and you don't even see it that it's there... so you rub it in there, you're actually just smearing it on your carpet. And at first you're safe, and those results are pretty good, but what happens then people go walking by that your dog goes outside comes in with dirty or muddy paws and little by little, a little more dirt comes all over that carpet, and before long, you've got dirty carpet so you say you know what, I'm going to go ahead and I'm gonna vacuum all that so we go vacuum it.

And guess what, all the carpet looks clean, except for where we sprayed those products because of that sticky residue in the carpeting.

So through another long process with the help of my uncle John, we created a product called FurryFreshness, with no matter what's already in your carpet. This product is going to go through here and remove all that and leave behind no sticky residue whatsoever, and before long you'll have all that perfect vacuum exactly how you want it.

And here's some really good news... FurryFreshness works on any surface in your house that your dog or cat may have had an accident, like your carpeting, your hardwood, your tile, your bedding, your concrete, your turf, your mattresses, your furniture, your rugs, your clothing, and anywhere else your dog or cat may have an accident free fresh this will work...

...and best part is a permanent removes anything that can come out of him like urine poop blood slobber vomit eye boogers if you had that problem, and anything else that may come out of them!

and that's how over the last five years we've been able to get a 4.6 star review on Amazon with over 1300 reviews and help more than 190,000 past customers, and we want you to be our next one.

So that's why I want to share with you a special that we're running on FurryFreshness right now for a limited time, when you buy a 32 ounce spray bottle free fresh is you're going to get a free gift with your order and that free gift is a copy of our 50 Lip Smacking Good Recipe, dog treat recipe book, because there's no better way to tell your pet that you love them, than a fresh warm healthy dog treat. 

So this cookbook features 50 delicious mouthwatering treats that your dog is going to love. Best of all, is they're healthy, they're actually human grade treats and just if you're curious at our home, The sweet potato banana dog biscuits are the favorite among our dogs, and you're going to get a free physical copy of this book with your order today, a value of $14.95 yours FREE when you purchase today.

So, for a limited time, you're going to get your 32 ounce spray bottle free freshness plus your free gift for only $27.95, but I want you to know something, and that is that you're protected by our 60 Day Love It or It's Free Guarantee! If FurryFreshness doesn't give you the most beautiful and clean carpeting or flooring you've ever seen. Then we don't deserve your money simply email our friendly customer support team and they will promptly and courteously refund your order.

Plus you can still keep your bottle, and your cookbook for free, and there's nothing to send back to us, let us prove for 60 days that your stains and odors will finally be gone with free freshness, but obviously we can't run a special like this forever, so this special free gift bundle is only available for a short time, and if you're seeing this right now, that means it's still available.

And again, when you buy a 32 ounce spray bottle of free fresh is you are going to get a free copy of our 50 lip smacking good dog treat recipe cookbook, all, for only $27.95, and you have 60 days to try in your house, use the entire bottle up you've got 60 days to see how amazing it is.

And if you're still not happy, just reach out, let us know and we'll refund your $27.95, but this offer is not going to last long, so be quick and get your copy now, you are going to love it and your pet is going to thank you for those delicious treats. Thanks so much and we'll see you soon!